Privacy Policy

Trouteaud Consulting Group respects the privacy of its clients and visitors to this website and fully understands the need for appropriate protection and effective management of personally identifiable information that they share with Trouteaud Consulting Group while browsing or purchasing its services.

Trouteaud Consulting Group takes your privacy seriously and does not gather your personally identifiable information — information through which a person can be identified, such as your first name, phone number, email address, etc. — without informing you that we are collecting such personal information.

This Privacy Policy aims to inform you that Trouteaud Consulting Group, henceforth referred to as “We”, may collect your personally identifiable information as you browse or purchase our products and services through this website.

Take note that We only collect personal information about you or our visitors strictly to offer a better browsing experience, and we do so securely and safely. However, we do so only if you choose to share it with us, either through this website or our customer service telephone system, or communications with us.
We do not sell or use any individual’s personally identifiable information for purposes other than offering them better customer service and browsing and buying experience.

You can opt not to share your personally identifiable information with us; however, if you do so, you will not be able to receive some services and updates from us. You can write to us via email if you want to do so, We may collect and use your personally identifiable information for the following reasons:

Product/Service Purchase: We may have to collect and use your personal information that you share with us while using this website ONLY to confirm, process, and fulfill your request, answer questions about services, and advise you of product or service-related information.
Newsletter Registration/Availability: We may collect and use the personal
information that you share with us while using this website ONLY to email you
newsletters or inform you of their availability.
Promotional Material/Specials: We may collect and use the personal information
that you share with us while using this website ONLY to email you
promotions/specials that we may have for you.
We would/will collect the following kinds of personally identifiable information:
● Your name
● Address
● Email address
● Phone number(s)
● Credit card number
● and billing information.

Credit card and billing information are STRICTLY collected and used to process your order or bill to your account or to charge your debit/credit card for the payment of your order.

By giving us your contact information, you agree to receive informational emails about your purchase, order fulfillment, specials from Trouteaud Consulting Group, marketing emails, and news regarding our company or contest or other service/company-related information.

You can choose to opt-out of receiving such emails by emailing us or clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any promotional email.

Trouteaud Consulting Group may disclose your personally identifiable information in cases where It has reasons to believe that doing so is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against an individual who may be violating our Terms of Use or any other law, or if It reasonably believes that doing so is required by the law.

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