Organ and Tissue Industry Training

25 years ago, a tissue processor customer asked Bob Trouteaud to develop training for its employees on account management and selling services to Tissue Banks and surgeons .

That training initiative sparked Bob’s personal dedication to organ and tissue donation, which drives his continued work within the industry today. He has delivered multiple programs for OTPOs, including management training, consent training, hospital development training, and funeral home development programs.

Bob brings valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Every training program is infused with his passion for training and commitment to his clients’ success. His practical experience, sense of humor, and relaxed style provide the ideal learning environment for individuals who are serious about their success.

Description of Customized Courses

Performance Managementfor OTPO management personnel
This program teaches the skills necessary for managers to produce results in today’s multicultural, multi-generational work environment. It covers all aspects of managing people for improved performance, including interviewing and hiring, goal setting, behavioral coaching, generational influences, performance measurements, dealing with non-performance, and termination.

Donation Consent
Customized training programs for both tissue donation telephone consent and in-person organ and tissue donation consent. The training emphasizes the value of organ and tissue consent to donor families and the community. Skills include understanding donor family motivations, how consent decisions are made, presenting the opportunity for donation, and handling families’ concerns and objections. The programs are designed to change behaviors in consent personnel to positively impact organ and tissue consent rates.

Developing Professional Work Skillsfor all OTPO staff teams
This course teaches the professional skills that are missing in many employees. It includes direction regarding work ethic, teamwork, interpersonal relations, loyalty, conflict management, and responsibility. This program also incorporates current communication methods necessary to optimize internal and external communications.

Strategic Presentationsfor community and fundraising presenters
Perfect practice makes perfect. This course is designed to allow attendees to present the products, services, and programs that they typically do in their jobs. The presentations are videotaped three times with one-on-one feedback from instructors. It covers presentation design, using audio visuals, audience interaction, body language, and keeping the presentation on track and on time.

Recovery Team Successfor recovery team supervisors and staff
This course covers consistent teamwork methods and management coaching skills for recovery team personnel, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the recovery program and focusing teams toward delivering quality recovery services to the OTPO’s community.

Hospital Development
The initial point of contact is critical to organ and tissue consent. How hospital personnel approach donor families before they are contacted by OTPO personnel has a huge impact on the next of kin’s receptivity to donation. The problem is that most hospital staff are unprepared and overworked, so the initial approach falls short. The key is to develop a program with the hospital that trains hospital personnel with effective procedures and skills to make the initial contact as effective as possible. This program is designed to help OTPOs create a hospital development program that maximizes donor families’ receptivity to organ and tissue donations.

Funeral Home Development
This program focuses on establishing programs with area funeral homes in order to work together to increase tissue donation. The course covers setting up programs to help understand and address the needs of funeral directors. It also covers how to develop educational programs that help Funeral Homes participate in the consent process with donor families. The training results in programs customized for funeral home within the Tissue Bank’s community.

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