Executive and Leadership Coaching

Trouteaud Consulting Group designs and delivers customized coaching programs for executives and leaders. Programs are designed to maximize not only the performance of individuals who are critical to an organization, but also each coaching candidate’s personal and professional success. Each coaching program uses a methodology for individual assessment and feedback from peers, employees, and upper management to access the candidates’ self-management, relationship management, team leadership, and teamwork competencies. Individual coaching plans are developed to include benchmarks for assessing progress of the development plans. All coaching programs are developed in concert with the organization’s Human Resource policies and procedures.

Leadership / Executive Coaching Methodology

Phase I: Initial Assessment and Plan Development

The goal of the first phase is to identify the candidate’s current issues and development opportunities. The Coach works with each candidate to build a trusting relationship and define mutual expectations for the coaching program.

The Coach facilitates the implementation of a customized 360 degree feedback questionnaire or analyzes existing assessments provided by the candidate’s organization. The results are discussed with the candidate as part of the initial assessment phase.

The final step of the first phase is to build a development plan with the candidate that allows him or her to build upon his or her strengths, improve his or her performance and minimize any existing work issues.

Phase II: Candidates’ Development Plan Coaching

In Phase II the Coach works with the candidate through the personal development plan agreed upon in Phase I. The coaching can be a combination of telephone and in-person sessions. The Phase II timeline is determined by the candidates schedule and the development plan objectives.

The Coach facilitates the development plan and assigns candidate work tasks, exercises, and study materials that will help the candidate achieve his or her goals. Together, the Coach and candidate address any issues the candidate faces, discussing the progress or set backs encountered, and adjust the development plan as needed.

Successes are measured and celebrated. The coaching process can end with achievement of the desired results or continue with new coaching objectives.

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