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Bob Trouteaud is the founder and president of Trouteaud Consulting Group, formerly Success Trainers Inc. In 1989, Bob started Success Trainers to develop and deliver corporate training programs that engage attendees to experience real challenges and develop usable solutions. Bob designed and delivered customized training courses and facilitated strategic planning sessions for many different industries.

In addition to customized training courses, Bob’s clients began requesting performance management consulting, executive coaching, and personnel assessments. In 2009, to better reflect the services Bob was providing his clients, he changed the company’s name to Trouteaud Consulting Group.

In addition to the customized training, Bob delivers individual Executive and Leadership Coaching engagements to his clients. Bob works in concert with each client’s personnel assessment tools, behavior models, and company culture.

For 29 years, Bob has successfully delivered customized training, coached individuals, and facilitated group workshops. Bob pulls from his successful career in corporate planning, strategic marketing, and sales management to relate to executives, leaders, managers, and line personnel.

When he’s not traveling to train or coach his clients, Bob lives in Tucker, Georgia, plays trombone in community bands, is involved in scouting, and is a black belt karate instructor.

TCG Customized Training Services
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