Performance Consulting

Performance Management Consulting

Trouteaud Consulting Group provides practical consulting services for improving both individual and group performance. Based on years of experience working with organizations from a wide array of industries, TCG consultants provide guidance for the toughest performance problems facing organizations today.

Trouteaud Consulting Group Performance Consulting ServicesUsing a systematic approach, TCG guides you through development of performance direction, processes, strategy, and measurements to reach your performance goals.

Whether you require individual counsel, group performance improvement, or the development of an organization-wide performance management program, TCG can provide the consulting services you need.

Description of Services

Individual Consulting
The outside voice based on experience for handling your performance management problems. Services are designed to function in the way that is best suited to your objectives and your available time.

Group Performance Improvement
Services include facilitation of planning processes, team development, and performance measurement systems. The services are customized to the group and can focus on both individual performance issues and group dynamic problems.

Performance Management Programs
Developed for organizations within the framework of short and long-term organizational goals, and using existing resources. The programs are developed focusing on the critical interaction of performance direction, processes, strategy, and measurements. The results are a performance system that is practical, measurable, and sustainable.