Customized Training

Customized Training Courses

TCG Customized Training ServicesOur customize training programs will produce the results you need to survive. We guarantee it!

Trouteaud Consulting Group ensures that your employees can directly apply what they learn to your business environment. We develop all courses to fit your industry, products, and services. Our instructors prepare thoroughly for each program by working with you to define your company’s training objectives and needs.

The right training must also be interesting in order to produce results. Our approach employs fun, awareness, participation, and competition. Our programs keep all attendees involved. Thousands of satisfied customers verify our training results. We have delivered customized training programs throughout North America for companies in plastics, medical equipment, computers, communications, manufacturing, construction, and information systems.

You will see improved performance because your employees experience real challenges with instructor feedback.

Description of Customized Courses

Client-Centric Selling Successfor sales teams and sales management
This course is designed to improve sales behaviors. Each attendee sells their own products and services through the buying process, from initial contact to gaining commitment. Videotaped sales simulations allow attendees to see and hear the impact they have on customers, using the tools learned in the course.

Performance Managementfor supervisors, team leaders, and managers
This program teaches the skills necessary for managers to produce results in today’s multicultural, multi-generational work environment. It covers all aspects of managing people for improved performance, including interviewing and hiring, goal setting, behavioral coaching, generational influences, performance measurements, dealing with non-performance, and termination.

Strategic Presentationsfor internal and external presentations
Perfect practice makes perfect. This course is designed to allow attendees to present the products, services, and programs that they typically do in their jobs. The presentations are videotaped three times with one-on-one feedback from instructors. It covers presentation design, using audio visuals, audience interaction, body language, and keeping the presentation on track and on time.

Value-Based Strategic Salesfor key account sales
This program explores your customers’ total business and teaches how to sell value-to-cost or revenue-centered decision makers. This course deals with your company’s current and targeted accounts. The sales and sales managers attending the course use the tools discussed to develop key account sales strategies.

Negotiating to Closefor sales teams and sales management
This program is designed to allow each participant to experience several sales negotiations in competitive workshops and in “on-site” sales negotiating simulations. Participants sell and negotiate their own products and services.

Developing Professional Work Skills
This course teaches the professional worker skills that are missing in many younger employees. It includes direction regarding work ethic, teamwork, interpersonal relations, loyalty, conflict management, and responsibility. This program also incorporates letter writing, proposal writing, voicemail, and other skills necessary to optimize internal and external communications.

Project Management Teamwork
This program is designed to develop skills which support the human and process sides of project management. All aspects of project management are discussed, from project development to selling concepts internally.